Da' Lost Song

ur dream is all what u want . not me.
u have put alot of effort on it . u have put all of ur life in that . but am i the reason that make u easily left it behind ? am i the reason that cause u destroy all u dream . if i am the REASON why u choose this wrong way. i know u will regret it. u have been in a long journey to achieve it . and u just throw it away just because of a person that never appreciate u at all.
if i have to choose wether i have to take u away from ur dream or let u go to make u can grab it again . i will LET YOU GO .
so u will choose the way that will make ur life shine rather than choose me.
when u tell me that u GOT it .
just open ur eyes , think of ur future
its big sky , hard sky
sky of small cold stars .
u got a star for me ?
i know , i cant comfort u . i cant give u all what u want . but still i dont want to destroy u dream. its hurt me so much .my heart hurts more than broken bone . more than crash and burn.
be u still alive ?are you going to choose IT ?
that little light of urs , just let it shine .

realy realy realy full of love,
ur sweet sweet girl

p/s :broken ! broken ! broken english . =='

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